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About Sin City Kush


Not to be outdone by other regional hybrids like San Fernando Valley OG Kush or NYC Diesel, Sin City Kush is a heavy indica that represents the best of Las Vegas. Created by Alphakronik, bud crosses colorful Las Vegas Purple Kush with resinous Snowdawg BX. It comes with a heavy, sleepy high and surprisingly fruity flavors. Bet high on Sin City Kush’s THC content, which clocks in at between.


Although somewhat small, flowers of Sin City Kush catch the eye right away with their funky,

unexpected bud structure. Despite a predominant indica influence, these nuggets have a loose, sativa-like appearance, with long, spindly leaves that twist loosely away from each other in a ragged fashion. These leaves themselves are a dappled mix of forest green and deep purple, with the latter hues coming about thanks to high concentrations of anthocyanin pigments in the strains’ genetics. Dark brown pistils and snowy, translucent trichomes cap off these striking flowers.


Flowers of Sin City Kush have a strong grape aroma which complements (but is entirely coincidental to) their purple leaves. A second whiff may also detect some woodsy, pine-like scents. Grinding up or picking apart these fluffy buds, meanwhile, gives off more of an earthy musk, evidence of their descent from Hindu Kush landrace varieties. When burnt in a pipe or a joint, the strain gives off a smooth and fruity smoke that’s easily ingested and has a vague floral taste on the exhale.


Sin City Kush’s high tends to creep up on the consumer, taking several minutes before flexing its considerable effects. After 10 to 15 minutes, smokers may have a constricted feeling around the temples and lower forehead, as if wearing a tight headband. This can be accompanied by other odd tics like flushing in the cheeks or an increase in salivation. As they become accustomed to these initial sensations, users may find themselves immersed in a trippy mindset. Sensory distortions like mild visual or auditory hallucinations are possible, as is an uncanny feeling of time passing more slowly. This psychedelic mood can be amplified by indulging in a moody playlist or a visually dynamic movie. Other than these mind-bending properties, though, Sin City Kush doesn’t do much in the way of mental stimulation and those looking to achieve some productivity under its influence may be disappointed.


After about an hour -- or even sooner, if dosage is increased -- Sin City Kush begins to take on more of a body stone. Smokers who may be out and about could just find themselves weighed down to the extent that they head for the comforts of home. At this point, the strain is better suited to lounging around and binge-watching Netflix than to hitting the casinos on the strip. In sufficiently relaxed circumstances, Sin City Kush may even lead to sleep. Because of its mostly downbeat vibes, this bud is recommended for later afternoon or evening consumption.


Sin City Kush’s deep, almost narcotic sedation can have several uses for medical cannabis patients as well. Its ability to pulverize any external concerns can be a good temporary treatment for stress, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. It can also soothe physical pain, whether mild or due to chronic conditions like cancer or lupus. Anti-inflammatory properties, meanwhile, may address minor discomforts like headaches or nausea. As noted above, Sin City Kush can also lead to sleep, making it a viable treatment for insomnia. Because it comes with a lower-than-average risk of obsessive, paranoid thinking, Sin City Kush is a good option for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.


Fortunately for home growers, Alphakronik sells seeds of Sin City Kush through several online retailers. Once obtained, it can be grown indoors or out, although outdoor success requires a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. As their sativa-inflected flowers suggest, these plants can be on the taller side and indoor growers may need to occasionally trim back their crops in order to keep heights manageable. Sin City Kush flowers within a relatively long 10 to 11 weeks.

An excellent way to wind down at the end of a long day, Sin City Kush is must-try for heavy indica lovers. If you’re in or near Vegas, it’s worth sampling just for the local bragging rights alone!


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