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The California strain Mendocino Kush which is called Mendo Kush for short, derives its name from its origins in Mendocino County. While its genetics still remain a mystery, this hybrid is an indica-dominant strain.

Consumers have found Mendo Kush to be particularly useful to cheer you up, make the best out of the day no matter what is thrown at you. The High has been described as one that is mellow and often eases the mind of racing thoughts while allowing the body to unwind after tackling a stressful day. Because it can sometimes cause sleepiness, Mendo Kush’s users tend to suggest it be consumed in the late afternoons, evenings, or at night after all your important tasks have been finished. This strain has been dubbed a chill strain, since relaxing and watching a movie or indulging in a spa experience are the best routes to take after consuming it.

The scent of Mendo Kush is quite earthy, being of fresh soil with a citrus undertone like lemons or limes. Its flavor is a bit sharper and can often exhibit hints of pine.

If you happen to grab some Mendo Kush, be sure to grab some drink and eye drops as this strain often creates cottonmouth and red eyes. Its THC levels fluctuate depending on cultivation methods used, so be sure to check its label so you can properly dose it. If you over indulge in Mendo Kush, it’s possible paranoia or anxiousness may arise.

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