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About Honey Lemon Cheese


Although it sounds like the kind of spread you might find on a charcuterie plate, Honey Lemon Cheese is a balanced hybrid with a dynamic flavor. This strain si a cross between Lemon G and an unnamed combination of Recon and UK Cheese. It offers consumers a strong, slow-blooming high with a soothing combination of mental and physical effects.


Flowers of Honey Lemon Cheese stand out thanks to a larger than average size and solid, almost conical shapes. These buds have the solid internal composition most often seen in indicas, with small, wide leaves that twist closely inward. The leaves themselves are a dark shade of green that is punctuated by curly, bright orange pistils. Finally, all visible surfaces of the buds are covered in cloudy, resinous trichomes that make them hard to break up by hand.


Once cured, flowers of Honey Lemon Cheese have a predominantly peppery, incense-like aroma. A deeper whiff, though, may pick up on some rich, sweet notes that may bring to mind honey or molasses. When these buds are broken apart or ground up, they release the cheesy, yeasty funk that makes parent strain Cheese so distinctive. When it’s combusted in a pipe or a joint, meanwhile, Honey Lemon Cheese burns with a harsh, asringent smoke that’s likely to irritate the palate and sinuses. On the exhale, this smoke has a mild citrus lfavor.


The high from Honey Lemon Cheese takes effect fairly quickly, exerting a headrush that can come with odd sensations like some flushing in the cheeks or an increase in salivation. As they get used to these unfamiliar tics, smokers may find themselves in an altered state, with thoughts moving more quickly than usual. Ideas may occur to the user more frequently or may seem to take on a new complexity, leading to an uncanny feeling of synergy or interconectedness. This elevated, cerebral energy can help properly motivated consumers to get work done on complciated, work-related tasks. Alternatively, it may supply some steady background amusement for those going about otherwise mundane chores like laundry. In social situations, Honey Lemon Cheese’s mental stimulation can lead to lively ocnversation and good vibes, even when shared among new acquaintances.


After a little over an hour (or sooner, if dosage is increased), Honey Lemon Cheese can begin to introduce pronouned phyiscal effects as well. Users may feel any knots of muscular tension begin to unravel at the same time that breathing happens more deeply and easily. Additionally, a weighty feeling is liable to set into the core and limbs, slowing down those who may have been active or out and about. Smokers who are lucky enough to be lounging at home can even start to feel themselves sinking into the furniture. In these later stages, Honey Lemon Cheese is best enjoyed in the pursuit of lazy activities like binge-watching. Because of its slow delve into sedation, this strain is recommended for late afternoon through evening consumption.


Honey Lemon Cheese’s versatile recreational effects can have some value for medical cannabis patients as well. Its initially cerebral mood can help facilitate concentration for those with attention deficit disorders. Additionally, the strain’s general euphoria may temporarily improve symptoms associated with mild to moderate depression.


On the physical end of the spectrum, this bud can soothe all kinds of aches and pains, whether temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to condition like COPD or lupus. In the right set and setting, its sedative power may even pull insomniacs into a deep, restful sleep. Because it comes with some risk of fast-paced, disorienting thinking, Honey Lemon Cheese should be consumed with some caution by those who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.


Breeder Natural Genetics has made seeds of Honey Lemon Cheese available for sale online. Once obtained, plants can be grown in controlled indoor conditions or outdoors in a humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Much like their indica-typical flowers, these plants have a characteristically indica silhouette, with a squat, bushy stature. They flower within a short 9 to 10 weeks and offer a high yield of buds at maturity.


A richly-flavored strain with soothing effects, Honey Lemon Cheese is worth seeking out by indica and sativa fans alike.


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